About Our Company


Integrated Industrial Resources (IIR) was created in 2006 in response to parts suppliers who were struggling financially to stay in business and as a result of a weak market, elected to exit the automotive supply business. The idea was formed to assimilate these financially strapped companies into a singular "supplier park" and transform the operations into lean manufacturing entities operating under what is now a General Motors umbrella for structural support.
From our beginning in 2006, we have grown and diversified from small rubber converting / die cutting operation into a company that offers innovative and cost effective solutions for your manufacturing, assembly, packaging, and warehousing requirements. Seven separate businesses have been assimilated so far. In each case, the core business has not only been saved and secured, but now flourishes. By applying best practice management processes and lean principles we will continue to grow the business.



IIR is capable of managing schedules and deliveries using state of the art material management processes.

Engineering Systems

Processes are designed to meet the highest standards of safety, quality and cost control. Experts are available on call and when needed to resolve complex issues.

Quality Systems

IIR is ISO 9001 certified. Global best practices and error proofing are utilized, where applicable. Open quality communication is maintained with customers and suppliers to ensure customer satisfaction.

Lean Manufacturing

World Class manufacturing practices are used to create a team based process anchored in standardized work to produce high quality low cost results.

Just In Time Principles

From source to customer and every step in between, each part is managed to ensure on-time customer order fulfillment. IIR can provide package design and containerization as needed for both simple and complex jobs.

Our Workforce


Our workforce is highly skilled and flexible which allows us to react quickly to meet customer demand. 100% order fulfillment in 2012 and 2013 YTD.

High Level of Quality & Process Capability

As an ISO 9001 certified facility, Processes are continually reviewed for improvement to ensure the highest quality and lowest cost. Annual efficiency improvements have resulted in 17% savings which are passed on to our customers.

Stable Labor and Financial Structure

IIR operates under an independent 5 year labor contract. Zero grievances since 2006. Financially, IIR is backed by GM. Financial and legal assurances can be provided as required.

Low Structural Cost Rate

The contract work force offers competitive compensation rates and together with a small but skilled management team, minimizes overhead.

Strong Launch Experience

Good Customer communication and continually monitored progress are key to launch success. There were 15 new product launches in 2012 and all were completed on time and in budget. In 2013, 27 new product launches have already been scheduled and are on target.